Trillian SP

Thermal CTP Plate

Trillian SP Plates deliver sharp detail and stability for short and long run AM and FM applications, with up to 500,000 impressions, even in harsh chemical environments. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including small and large commercial sheetfed and commercial publication applications and certain heatset web, offset packaging and UV print applications.

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  • Environmentally Friendly – Outstanding productivity and performance, significantly lower total cost of use and reduced environmental impact. The negative working coating provides high productivity, strong resolution, excellent chemical resistance and image durability without the need for post baking.
  • Productivity and Efficiency – Extremely fast processing speeds as removing preheating and potentially postbaking improves turnaround time and the overall efficiency of the plate making process. Press makereadies are extremely efficient with the plates, which minimises paper and ink waste. In addition, wide latitude and stability on press mean you spend less time overseeing the process and adjusting for variations.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Use – Not only does the plate eliminate the need for preheat ovens, it enables simplified processing in an easily maintained system and delivers rock-solid stability and extremely wide operating latitude. Reduces chemistry, storage and disposal costs.

Trillian SP


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