sword excel

Sword Excel

Thermal CTP Plate

Kodak Sword Excel Thermal Plates are ideal for printers who need a robust CTP plate, require high productivity and want to avoid the space, cost and time consumed by preheat and postbake ovens. Sword Excel Plates are an excellent choice for printers looking for a consistent, stable and durable plate product that offers mid level resolutions and medium run lengths up to 500,000 impressions.

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Sword Excel Thermal Plates require no preheating or postbaking, which cuts processing times and allows you to use smaller processors, which consume less energy and are simple and easy to maintain.

They are packed with cutting-edge features that will help you deliver excellent print quality with superb reliability, repeatability, convenience and speed. High resolution of 1-99% at 200lpi, precise colour reproduction for high-quality results, ideal for both short – and long – run applications.

Two-layer coating provides on-press durability without postbaking. Fast developing in stable, low-pH, long-life negative chemistries.

The plates deliver long run lengths of up to 500,000 impressions.


Sword Excel


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