HND Film


Open-system, high-speed, red-sensitive film with hard dot image quality, intended for exposure in image setters with HeNe laser (630nm-670nm) or red laser diode. Perfect processing in compatible chemistries.

Key Benefits:

  • Delivers consistent, high-quality results
  • Wide exposure latitude increases productivity and results in fewer remakes
  • Easy to handle for fewer remakes and wasted materials
  • Rapid Access film processing will deliver consistent, high-quality results

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  • Perfect ‘hard dot’ edge sharpness and practical density even in the small dots
  • Wide System latitude: Wide processing & exposure latitude
  • Very good day to day consistency
  • Good batch-to-batch consistency
  • Convenience and ease of use because of available ECO equipment
  • Ecological & Economical replenishment, very low chemistry consumption
  • Linear output for conventional screening
  • Approved for stochastic screening
  • Anti-static before and after processing
  • Open system: perfect processing in compatible chemistries

Alliance DigiDot HND Technical Infosheet



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