electra xd

Electra XD

Thermal CTP Plate

Positive working, thermal digital plate with wide operating latitude; optional postbake for extremely long runs and resistance to aggressive press chemistry such as UV inks and blanket washes.

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  • Stability and Durability – Electra XD Thermal Plates enable an environment for extremely high resolution output with the confidence of day-in and day-out consistency, exceptional press performance, and the versatility to adapt to most print conditions and run lengths. They perform exceptionally well in prepress and in the pressroom, where they are rated for up to 350,000 impressions without baking. Polymer design results in outstanding durability and dot stability on press, providing excellent colour control and consistent reproduction throughout the full press run.
  • High Quality and Efficiency – They deliver sharp detail and stability from mid – to long – run AM and FM applications, reducing plate remakes and variation due to dot wear and sharpening during the press run, while maximising productivity in the pressroom. Fast imaging and processing help maximise total throughput of the complete prepress system.
  • Minimising Environmental Impact – Significant reduction in chemistry usage and generated spent chemistry, extended bath life and cycle period requiring less interventions. Press makereadies are extremely efficient with these plates, minimising paper and ink waste while maintaining wide latitude on press. Postbaking is required only in the most extreme environments, such as UV print applications, harsh paper or chemical conditions, or extreme run lengths.


Electra XD


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