Burnishine Chrome Roller Cleaner

Burnishine Chrome Roller Cleaner

  • One step chrome roller cleaner – WIPE ON AND LEAVE ON
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Prevents ink from sticking to rollers
  • Can be used on metering rollers
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This one step cleaner and desensitizer makes press clean up faster and easier! C.R.C.’s protective coating helps prevent build up of ink, paper lint and other miscellaneous contaminants. Use C.R.C. on chrome impression cylinders, chrome dampener rollers, transfer cylinders, metering rollers and plate cylinders. Tech reps from some of the country’s leading press manufacturers use and recommend C.R.C. for their presses.


SHAKE WELL and apply to clean chrome rollers and cylinders. Let product dry. DO NOT REMOVE PROTECTIVE HAZE! Reapply after clean up.

  • Easy to use—just WIPE ON AND LEAVE ON! Cleans and desensitizes in one step
  • Prevents ink and paper lint from sticking to chrome
  • Prevents oxidation, increases roller life
  • Increases dampener efficiency; desensitizes metering rollers

Chrome Roller CleanerDS

Chrome Roller CleanerPS

Chrome Roller CleanerTS


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