azura vi

Azura Vi

Photo Polymer CTP Plate

Azura Vi: a violet plate designed for chemical-free processing. Azura Vi provides superior print quality, easy handling and outstanding durability.

By installing a simple modification kit or using a clean-out unit (COU), you can clean out gum in your plate processors without developer. This results in a higher print consistency than ever before. Moreover, its compatibility with all mainstream violet CtP units that emit at least 30 mW, makes it an excellent option for commercial printers worldwide.

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Key Benefits:

  • Combination of advanced violet laser and chemical-free technologies
  • Optional reuse of existing plate processors as a COU
  • Cost reduction thanks to the durable and reliable violet diode platesetters
  • Consistent and predictable platemaking through the elimination of processing variables
  • Low gum consumption and overall waste

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